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Re: Macaw throwing up

Posted by karen on 1/29/09
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    On 1/28/09, Sue wrote:
    > Hello all,
    > My new macaw is now throwing up and wondering what this
    > could mean? thanks!!

    From what I have seen the easiest way to tell the difference;
    Throwing up will be a spray & get on the beak & feathers.
    Feeding behavior is controlled but can become compulsive.
    I would give the macaw some Gatorade to replace fluids like
    a person.
    Just to be safe.

    If it is a compulsive feeding behavior try to ignore it so
    you do not reinforce the behavior.
    -I would not want to train an insecure bird to feed me!
    By not reinforcing I mean do not react positive or negative.
    Just clean up the mess & move on.
    If you are holding the bird & it is feeding you in a
    compulsive way
    Put it back on its play area, give it water & some toys to
    distract the behavior

    If it is throwing up you will need a vet ASAP
    If it is throwing up the mess will be a spray & hard to
    clean up!
    When my OWA went through a throwing up problem
    It looked like someone sprayed the poor boy with a hose.
    There was ick all over! It is an OMG!! Thing & the bird
    looked dazed