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Re: Macaw throwing up/No Gatorade

Posted by Sue on 1/29/09
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    Hello all!
    I am SO HAPPY to report that today was a WONDERFUL day with
    the new macaw. She put her head against the bars of the cage
    and let me scratch her head and later when out on top of her
    cage she climbed down, I got her to step up on me and then pet
    her and scratched the back of her neck for about two minutes and
    then later still she let me open the cage and scratch her
    again. AND... NO throwing up today!!! :) I REALLY do want to
    get her wings clipped and wish there was someone with macaw
    experience in my area I could pay to come and do it so I would
    not have to somehow get her in a travel cage and to the vet, way
    too much stress for her right now I think. I definately agree
    she would be a lot tamer is clipped. Used a perch to get her
    off the top of her cage today, that went better than my arm LOL
    I am getting a lot better at not pulling away when she strikes
    out at me, very hard to do, but getting better. THANK YOU AGAIN
    to all of you with your helpful responses!!! It is sooo good to
    know there are caring helping folks out there to help me when
    needed and it is GREATLY appreciated!!!

    On 1/29/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > I agree with most of what was said, other than the Gatorade.
    > I've heard from several sources, including my vet, that's not
    > good at all. If you feel there is need for more hydration,
    > stick to Pedialyte.