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Re: Macaw throwing up/No Gatorade

Posted by Sue on 1/29/09
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    On 1/29/09, Rick wrote:
    > On 1/29/09, Sue wrote:
    >> Hello all!
    >> I am SO HAPPY to report that today was a WONDERFUL day with
    >> the new macaw. She put her head against the bars of the cage
    >> and let me scratch her head and later when out on top of her
    >> cage she climbed down, I got her to step up on me and then pet
    >> her and scratched the back of her neck for about two minutes and
    >> then later still she let me open the cage and scratch her
    >> again. AND... NO throwing up today!!! :) I REALLY do want to
    >> get her wings clipped and wish there was someone with macaw
    >> experience in my area I could pay to come and do it so I would
    >> not have to somehow get her in a travel cage and to the vet, way
    >> too much stress for her right now I think. I definately agree
    >> she would be a lot tamer is clipped. Used a perch to get her
    >> off the top of her cage today, that went better than my arm LOL
    >> I am getting a lot better at not pulling away when she strikes
    >> out at me, very hard to do, but getting better. THANK YOU AGAIN
    >> to all of you with your helpful responses!!! It is sooo good to
    >> know there are caring helping folks out there to help me when
    >> needed and it is GREATLY appreciated!!!
    > Congratulations on your accomplishment. Apparently she is settling
    > in and feeling more comfortable with your company. I know you are
    > elated, and we are as well, for you. FYI, You don't need someone
    > specifically clips wings of Macaws. Any "EXPERIENCED", bird
    > individual, who has knowledge with wing clippings can assist you.
    > Would be best to take her to your Avian Vet to get her wings
    > and have a check up at the same time.
    > Here's a possible way you can make transporting less stressful and
    > training fun for her to get into the crate. Using your hand or
    > arm,(now that you are able to pick her up with your hand, don't use
    > a dowel) place her on the floor next to the crate (assuming she
    > isn't afraid of the crate), put some of her favorite goodies into
    > the crate and try coaxing her in. Once in, do not close the door,
    > let her come and go as she pleases. Lots of praises are in order
    > here. Go overboard if you need to. Once she is comfortable entering
    > and exiting, you will have stress free bird for transporting. Also
    > carrying her inside the crate around the house for the first couple
    > of times to get used to the movement will be helpful as well.
    > A perch is not essential, but helpful inside in the crate, as they
    > are natural perchers. Also make sure is covered well when out in
    > elements. They can catch colds easily.
    > Once again, Congratulations! Keep up the "hands on" work. Remember,
    > more hands on and less Dowel usage. Try to anticipate bites before
    > they happen. Learn to read your birds body language. This will be
    > your greatest asset to a happier and harmonious home and feathered
    > friend.
    >> On 1/29/09, GreyLady wrote:
    >>> I agree with most of what was said, other than the Gatorade.
    >>> I've heard from several sources, including my vet, that's not
    >>> good at all. If you feel there is need for more hydration,
    >>> stick to Pedialyte.

    I know it will take several more weeks for her to feel safe when
    perched on me because right now she is very nervous when on me. I
    am going to be very patient about that. I know everyone says that
    you can "read" a macaw, please explain that to me because I feel as
    if she is sweet and fine one second and lunging and biting in
    another second with no change in eye dialation or anything. It
    would help a lot of I could read her. Also, she is VERY VOCAL so
    when she squawks everytime she makes a move and I am just getting
    used to not jumping everytime she squawks :)