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Re: Rick-The Toes Thing

Posted by Rick on 1/29/09
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    On 1/29/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > Interesting you would say that about how your Macaw
    > regurgitates. That is exactly what mine does. In the
    > beginning, when I adopted/rescued him, it was almost manic
    > behavior. I chalked it up to his previous situation. To
    > make it as short as possible, his first Mom died.
    > Apparently there were heirs that couldn't wait to get some
    > money out of him and sold him to someone sorely unequipped
    > to deal with a bird this size, under the best of
    > circumstances. He severely injured her forearm (during
    > only 7 months with her) and hence, she was petrified of
    > him. When I went there, he was in a rusty cage with one
    > bowl of nasty water and a bowl with sme peanut shells in
    > it. He had only two METAL bars to sit on, because "he
    > chews up the wooden ones". Well, duh!! He had no toys,
    > nothing to chew and nothing at all to do. I'm still amazed
    > he is not plucked naked. And, he was wildly striking at
    > anyone who came near his cage. Anyway, I felt like the
    > constant regurgitating using his foot, was a habit he had
    > acquired, mostly due to boredom. He had a vet check on the
    > way home with me and even though the droppings "were like
    > nothing I've see come from a bird", said my vet, he did
    > check out healthy although a little under weight. I too,
    > had one of those bites from him in the beginning. This was
    > about 2 years ago and it has been a very long haul getting
    > to the fairly good relationship we have now. Just thought
    > I'd share that with you about the toes/foot thing. And,
    > when it comes to working with the stepping up, just my own
    > opinion but I don't care for working with a stepping
    > stick. I see it as a lot of hassle for me. I don't want
    > to have to get my stick first. I want to be able to offer
    > my hand or arm and they come on up. But, whatever works.
    > What I did, for my protection and so that I could do the
    > all important, not reacting, I cut the sleeve from an old
    > wet suit. I would slide it on my arm when working with
    > him. At first he seemed unsure about it but has since
    > learned it gives him a great grip, he feels steady on my
    > arm and I'm not getting punctured with those big toes.
    > Short of a wet suit arm, she might try wrapping her forearm
    > in some thick material, then putting on a long sleeved
    > shirt to hold the protection in place.

    And here I thought I had the only bird with a toe fetish. LOL.
    Ours is 15, came from a fella that got him from a co-worker,
    who raised him from a baby. A super sweet / tame bird, with
    some man made bad habits.
    I don't know the whole story, only know he was raised by one
    family, then taken out of a bad situation, after being stashed
    in the basement for screaming, due to the abusiveness within
    the family unit, therefore creating the screaming habit he now
    We have had him about 2 years as well. He is definitely a Mans
    bird, does not like women. He will lure them in with his
    step-up posture, and then Yikes...bitten. Other than that, he
    is as sweet and lovable as can be, we can do just about
    anything we think of with him. He loves to lay in your lap and
    roll on his back for tickles, he likes to do flips, would love
    to hang out on the shoulder all day if you let him, loves to
    explore the house, very inquisitive, is fully flighted, but
    does not know how to fly, he can be held with little restraint
    when we trim his nails and overactive beak ( has been checked
    by our Avian Vet for overactive liver as well) growth with a
    dremel with no fussing. He is a great eater, not picky like
    some. Very demanding when it comes to attention, which is
    understandable given us his background. His only bad habit is
    that he has a screaming problem which is diminishing more and
    more as time goes on.
    The husbands wife from where he came could not tolerate the
    screaming anymore and we were sought out to adopt this bird as
    they knew we had experience with larger birds. My comment
    regarding the screaming was "We have a Moluccan, how much
    louder can this bird be". Needless to say, 2 years later, we
    all live in harmony.......sometimes!

    I like the idea of the wet suit sleeve. Great idea. I have
    been trying to think of a way to, just as you stated, to make
    something that can go under my shirt sleeve so as to protect
    from getting bitten. Our Fostered Umbrella is not being very
    cooperative about wanting to do step-ups yet, and the dowels
    do not work for him. I like the hands on approach, just like
    yourself, with being able to transport with my hand or arm. So
    as I tell others....patience, patience, patience. I can still
    feel my first Moluccan bite after all these years. It will be
    forever ingrained into my nervous system.