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Re: regurgitating ?

Posted by Rick on 1/29/09
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    On 1/29/09, Jeff wrote:
    > Hey, just wondering if any of your macaws regurg more when
    > they are just done with breeding/molting time. My
    > Greenwing is either really in love with me or just going
    > through a little extra stress right now which is
    > understandable. He seems to only do it when he is perched
    > on my arm and will put one foot on his playstand and clasp
    > my arm with the other while regurging. He rechews it
    > instantly and eats it, so he still doens't want to share
    > thankfully. :)

    Hi Jeff,

    Our B&G Macaw almost always tries to feed us every time he is
    on our shoulders. I would say your Greenwing is in love with
    you, just as ours is.
    We just tell him "No thank you, you keep it to yourself".
    Fortunately, he too, instantly re-chews it. He also tries to
    feed our other Macaw too. He is so thoughtful with his food.