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Re: one more macaw behavior question

Posted by Rick on 2/03/09
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    On 2/03/09, Sue wrote:
    > Hello all,
    > So my girl is doing A LOT better, but I have two
    > questions. One, she will come on me and I will scratch
    > her and she will totally relax and coo and be SO SWEET and
    > then out of the blue will run up my arm and start striking
    > my head with her beak. I am wondering why she is doing
    > this and what I should do??? Also, when trying to get her
    > back into the cage if she will not go in after a treat
    > (which is what I always try first) she gets aggressive
    > when I try to get her back into her cage. I have tried
    > using the perch but she just flies off of it and circles
    > around the room and lands on top of her cage again and
    > again. Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks
    > again SO MUCH!


    Glad to hear you are bonding so well. You are making great
    strides with her.

    As for her running up your arm, when you feel her start to
    dash up your arm, place your other arm or hand in front of her
    to BLOCK her from going up your arm, and give a firm NO as a
    command. You will have to be persistent as she will try many
    times to test you just to get to on your shoulder. Always try
    and keep her at chest height when she is perched on your arm.

    Clipping her wings would be so helpful for you. You can't
    imagine how controllable and cooperative she will be once she
    has them clipped. A totally different bird. Make her depend on
    you for her transporting needs.

    Clipping her wings will also aide in your not having such a
    uncooperative bird at bedtime. She is playing a game with you
    with her soaring through the room, landing , and then soaring
    again. Once she knows she doesn't have flight, she will not be
    able to make a "quick exit" into the air. Therefore she should
    go right into her cage when asked it of her.

    Don't mean to harp on the wing clipping, but you will find,
    more than not, birds who have their wings clipped are better
    behaved and are more dependent on you. This is what you are
    striving for with your training. Until you clip her wings, you
    will never have control over her. Her wings are her independence.