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Re: REALLY need help with new macaw again

Posted by GreyLady on 2/12/09
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    Again, I have to agree with Rick. That is not nearly enough
    out time for any bird. Mine have the luxury of having me home
    with them almost all the time and my cage doors are open all
    day long. They come and go as they please. But, I realize
    that is not the case in all homes. However, 30 minutes is not
    nearly enough. In addition to needing the "flock" time with
    you, they need to be exercising those wings. Most Macaws that
    I know like to do flapping exercises. Sometimes they will do
    it on their own if they have a play gym or parrot stand that
    enables them to fully extend those big wings and flap them.
    Others like to do it while standing on their owners hand. You
    would gently and not real fast, raise and lower your arm. Span
    about shoulder to waist and back. Usually the bird will
    immediately start doing wing flaps. An arm protector of some
    kind is recommended for that. They are going to take a firm
    grip to keep from flying off and to keep balance. I don't know
    if it was you or someone else I told about it but, I found that
    cutting the forearm from an old wet suit makes a great arm
    protector and gives the bird an excellent grip so they feel
    comfortable. I also suggest, give the bird a lot more time
    out of the cage. Just open the door and let him come and go as
    he pleases. One thing that helps is to not set up food and
    water bowls anywhere other than in the cage. All mine know
    they can be out as much as they like but they also know when
    they are hungry or thirsty, they must return to the cage for
    that. Good luck.