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Re: REALLY need help with new macaw again

Posted by Glenda on 2/12/09
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    On 2/12/09, Sue wrote:
    > Guys,
    > I have a total of four birds. My other three are out of their
    > cages from sun up to sun down and come and go as they please.
    > The macaw on the other hand has to be 100&37; supervised at ALL
    > TIMES as she will not stay on her cage, goes to the other birds
    > cages and I am afraid she may hurt one of them, and then will
    > also walk all around the house and get into trouble. I let her
    > out for short intervals throughout the day, but many times. If
    > I can find a way to successfully get her back into her cage more
    > easily, I can let her out more. I purchased her a $400 playgym,
    > but she won't stay on that either. I TOTALLY understand them
    > having a lot of out of cage time, but can only let her out when
    > I am here to literally sit and watch her 100&37; of the time.
    > suggestions on getting her back in when I have to leave???


    You have been given very good advice from both Greylady and Rick.
    Both of them have also suggested you cut her wings. You are not
    going to be able to keep her on a playstand or a cagetop if she is
    left with the freedom of flight. You must clip those wings. Once
    you do it you will be amazed at the difference.