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Re: Sue

Posted by Sue on 2/12/09
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    On 2/12/09, Rick wrote:
    > On 2/12/09, Did you think you were going to get a simple answer?
    >> On 2/12/09, Sue wrote:
    >>> Guys,
    >>> I have a total of four birds. My other three are out of their
    >>> cages from sun up to sun down and come and go as they please.
    >>> The macaw on the other hand has to be 100&37; supervised at ALL
    >>> TIMES as she will not stay on her cage, goes to the other birds
    >>> cages and I am afraid she may hurt one of them, and then will
    >>> also walk all around the house and get into trouble. I let her
    >>> out for short intervals throughout the day, but many times. If
    >>> I can find a way to successfully get her back into her cage more
    >>> easily, I can let her out more. I purchased her a $400 playgym,
    >>> but she won't stay on that either. I TOTALLY understand them
    >>> having a lot of out of cage time, but can only let her out when
    >>> I am here to literally sit and watch her 100&37; of the time.
    >> Any
    >>> suggestions on getting her back in when I have to leave???
    >> Sue, let's face it. You're a bad bird guardian and the Macaw
    >> guru's have given you their highly prized opinions. Bad Sue, BAD!
    >> Now go hang your head in shame.
    > Awe, does someone need a HUG? Are you feeling left out? Okay, you can
    > submit your intelligent information to help Sue. I left a space open
    > just for you. Can't wait to see how helpful you are.
    > Hope you are feeling better now.

    Thank you so much to all of you who were helpful, Nasty comment just
    ignored! My birds are a HUGE part of my life, they all have HUGE
    cages, tons of toys, several playstands, only the top diet along with
    tons of fresh food and veggies. This macaw is new for me and she is
    coming along very nicely and actually has stopped taking flight but is
    getting her wings clipped next week. She is the most mischivious bird
    that I have ever owned and LITERALLY can get into trouble within
    SECONDS. She sits with me on the couch for several hours everyday.
    She is by no means neglected or lives a "CAGED" life. I do wish I
    could leave her out unsupervised for a few minutes at a time, but that
    is not possible. She will just keep me on my toes creating new ways
    to get her back into her cage when I need to leave LOL