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Re: Sue

Posted by Rick on 2/12/09
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    On 2/12/09, Sue wrote:
    > On 2/12/09, Rick wrote:
    >> On 2/12/09, Did you think you were going to get a simple answer?
    > wrote:
    >>> On 2/12/09, Sue wrote:
    >>>> Guys,
    >>>> I have a total of four birds. My other three are out of their
    >>>> cages from sun up to sun down and come and go as they please.
    >>>> The macaw on the other hand has to be 100&37; supervised at ALL
    >>>> TIMES as she will not stay on her cage, goes to the other birds
    >>>> cages and I am afraid she may hurt one of them, and then will
    >>>> also walk all around the house and get into trouble. I let her
    >>>> out for short intervals throughout the day, but many times. If
    >>>> I can find a way to successfully get her back into her cage more
    >>>> easily, I can let her out more. I purchased her a $400 playgym,
    >>>> but she won't stay on that either. I TOTALLY understand them
    >>>> having a lot of out of cage time, but can only let her out when
    >>>> I am here to literally sit and watch her 100&37; of the time.
    >>> Any
    >>>> suggestions on getting her back in when I have to leave???
    >>> Sue, let's face it. You're a bad bird guardian and the Macaw
    >>> guru's have given you their highly prized opinions. Bad Sue, BAD!
    >>> Now go hang your head in shame.
    >> Awe, does someone need a HUG? Are you feeling left out? Okay, you can
    >> submit your intelligent information to help Sue. I left a space open
    >> just for you. Can't wait to see how helpful you are.
    >> Hope you are feeling better now.
    > Thank you so much to all of you who were helpful, Nasty comment just
    > ignored! My birds are a HUGE part of my life, they all have HUGE
    > cages, tons of toys, several playstands, only the top diet along with
    > tons of fresh food and veggies. This macaw is new for me and she is
    > coming along very nicely and actually has stopped taking flight but is
    > getting her wings clipped next week. She is the most mischivious bird
    > that I have ever owned and LITERALLY can get into trouble within
    > SECONDS. She sits with me on the couch for several hours everyday.
    > She is by no means neglected or lives a "CAGED" life. I do wish I
    > could leave her out unsupervised for a few minutes at a time, but that
    > is not possible. She will just keep me on my toes creating new ways
    > to get her back into her cage when I need to leave LOL


    Sounds as though you are describing my Macaw to a Tee. I totally relate.
    Mine, as I said can get into trouble in a split second as well. This is
    why I say "they are like toddlers, a 2 year old, and some cannot be left
    alone unsupervised for a second. It will pass in time. It's just waiting
    for that time to come. Be patient.
    But on the flip side of this situation. You will have the most loving
    bird. A bit demanding with your time, but a great companion. Glad to hear
    you are able to get her wings clipped next week. You will definitely see a
    different bird and possibly lesson the problem with getting her in into
    her cage.

    I do have a question for you. Are your other birds wings clipped? The
    reason I ask this is, do you notice the difference in their demeanor's /
    attitudes with them being clipped opposed to not. Take care, keep us posted.