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Re: REALLY need help with new macaw again

Posted by Sue on 2/22/09
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    On 2/21/09, Fagan wrote:
    > On 2/12/09, Glenda wrote:
    >> On 2/12/09, Sue wrote:
    >>> Guys,
    >>> I have a total of four birds. My other three are out of their
    >>> cages from sun up to sun down and come and go as they please.
    >>> The macaw on the other hand has to be 100&37; supervised at ALL
    >>> TIMES as she will not stay on her cage, goes to the other birds
    >>> cages and I am afraid she may hurt one of them, and then will
    >>> also walk all around the house and get into trouble. I let her
    >>> out for short intervals throughout the day, but many times. If
    >>> I can find a way to successfully get her back into her cage more
    >>> easily, I can let her out more. I purchased her a $400 playgym,
    >>> but she won't stay on that either. I TOTALLY understand them
    >>> having a lot of out of cage time, but can only let her out when
    >>> I am here to literally sit and watch her 100&37; of the time.
    >> Any
    >>> suggestions on getting her back in when I have to leave???
    >> Sue,
    >> You have been given very good advice from both Greylady and Rick.
    >> Both of them have also suggested you cut her wings. You are not
    >> going to be able to keep her on a playstand or a cagetop if she is
    >> left with the freedom of flight. You must clip those wings. Once
    >> you do it you will be amazed at the difference.
    >> Glenda

    To all who provided so much help and support,

    bird ever since getting her wings clipped. She can now spend 8 hours
    a day out of the cage and is totally happy sitting with me and has
    literally STOPPED ALL BAD BEHAVIOR!!! The professional who did her
    wings gave her a ten minute lesson about not being dominant also, and
    I swear I have NEVER seen such a WONDERFUL change in a bird!! Thanks
    again to all for the help!