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Re: Victoria birds breeders company ( birds company)

Posted by Rick on 2/14/09
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    On 2/13/09, mike wrote:
    > does anyone know how trust worthy they are? They are
    > offering free Macaws for Valentine's day because God has
    > been good to her or him as long as you pay shipping. They
    > are in Africa and will only except Money Gram and Western
    > Union. Are they scams ? Sounds to good to be true. Please
    > someone let me know

    Mike this is a total SCAM. Recalling the Movie Title "Out of
    Africa" is a good way to remember these people and their scam
    ads. As Judge Judy puts it....."If it's too good to be true,
    it usually is".
    Africa + Money Gram + Western Union = SCAM BIG TIME!

    Check out the Internet link below. This will help you to
    decide for yourself.