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Re: Mice in the birds room

Posted by Laura on 12/08/09
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    Thanks Wayne,

    This is definatetly more along the lines of what I am looking for. We
    live in an 1858 farm house and along with ALOT of steel wool, we also
    had the foundation of the house retucked as well. The birds have
    their own lovely room, our cats are very rarely allowed in there so
    this is the only room with mice issues. I guess the little rodents
    are actually pretty smart after all! The issue has been about 98%
    resolved and indeed, the steel wool blocks are what worked.

    Thanks for your advice and consideration,


    On 10/01/09, Wayne wrote:
    > I've read all the current posts and I've not seen a solution which I
    > believe is what your looking for. The most sensible solution would
    > be blocking possible entry points the mice use. Heavy duty steel
    > wool is an effective tool as mice will have a hard time chewing thru
    > it. Simply stuff it in any possible entry point. If their comming in
    > from under doors; buy yourself door sweeps, they attach to the
    > bottom of the door and cover the full length it. The sweep is meant
    > to drag along the floor therefore blocking entry. Best of luck and
    > hope it helps.