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Re: Mice in the birds room

Posted by Alison on 2/24/09
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    On 2/24/09, Laura wrote:
    I have the neck snapping traps, they are so
    > brutal, my real question is, can using these traps cause
    > any kind of psychological trauma to the birds?
    Sudden noises such as the snapping of the traps and the
    agonized scream of something dying will definitely upset
    your birds. However, I would be less worried about the
    trauma from a trap and more worried about the diseases you
    are exposing yourself and your family to by not having a
    professional permanently take care of the
    mouse 'infestation'. Read up on the diseases mice carry and
    can cause and I think you will find yourself taking action
    to protect all those who are currently at risk. Good luck
    with your problem. -Alison-