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Re: Mice in the birds room

Posted by Fagan on 3/03/09
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    On 2/25/09, Fagan wrote:
    > On 2/24/09, Laura wrote:
    >> I have out of control mice issues in my bird room. My 3
    >> birds, Matilda J. Fancypants, a harlequin macaw, Herman &
    >> Lily, nanday conures, have an excellent room that is full
    >> of sunshine and all have huge cages. Their room is on the
    >> main floor of our 1858 farmhouse in rural KS. The room
    >> also has a french door to keep our cats out.
    >> Yes, we have cats and a rodent problem. Matilda stays
    >> mainly out of her cage and so letting the cats in is not
    >> something I am comfortable with, not to mention that the
    >> cats absolutly stalk the smaller 2 birds.
    >> This is the only room in the house with an obvious
    >> infestation. I have the neck snapping traps, they are so
    >> brutal, my real question is, can using these traps cause
    >> any kind of psychological trauma to the birds? If anyone
    >> has used these, you know that more often than not, the
    >> mouse does not die quickly, there is lots of squealing,
    >> thrashing and I have even had mice not completely in the
    >> trap, run off with it clipped to their tale. Hi Laura,
    > Fagan here. You might try using live traps batted with
    > peanut butter mixed with your bird seed. Theese traps are
    > very humane.Call your local Humane Socitay.Sometimes they
    > have you can borrow. The only other thing I can think of, is
    > to call an extermator. Explainto him that you have birds
    > and,they can,t use chemicals.Have you been abel to see where
    > the mice are comming in? If you find where the are comming
    > or their hole or holes in the walls and base boards, that
    > would be a good place to place the traps.You also might
    > consider taking away the food (seed)and putting the food in
    > tight storage containers. That along with cleaning the cages
    > every day and keeping the floor clesn. This way you,re not
    > feding the mice. I know it,s a big job. When I was working,
    > I got-up 3hrs clean and feed my 6 birds, and time
    > to have to get myself ready for work.This is all I can think
    > of for now. Please feel free to e-mail meat
    > Something else I thought of.Along with
    the seed being tight containers, You might try to feed your
    birds first thing in am,even before you brush your teeth, give
    them about 1 hr. to eat before you leave for work. put wet
    foods in fridge. only put enough dry food in birds bowls that
    they can eat till you leave. Any leftover dry food put in
    container. If necessary, when you come home from work, feed
    and or add more wet and dry food. Put left overs away.You
    really need to take away all food from mice,and other varment
    you are attracting. (ants. roaches and so on) You also really
    need to keep your birds and their room clean(if you are not
    cleaning every day.) Their are a lot of microbial organizams
    in feeces, human animal, or bird. The dust from the unused
    seed with the mice eating it, and all the disease producing
    germs they cary, coupled with drying and dried feeces, you,re
    breathing all this harmful material in. All this can really
    make you, your family, and birds very sick. Please understand
    I,m not critizing you, I,m trying to help! Thanks for listing,
    >> I know using these traps are traumatic for me, and all 3
    >> birds scream and squack when the traps are set off,
    >> especially if there is a varmit squealling away. I just
    >> don't want to cause my birds any stress from this.
    >> Herman & Lily are rescue birds that I have had for 2
    >> years and both have plucking issues that is slowly getting
    >> better. Matilda is a gorgeous healthy happy macaw and I
    >> want to insure that she stays that way.
    >> I have also heard that peppermint is a natural repellent,
    >> does anyone have any suggestions?
    >> Thanks!
    >> Laura, Matilda J. Fancypants, Herman & Lily