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Re: Biting when removing from cage

Posted by Wayne on 10/01/09
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    Once the birds familiar with its new home and is still cage
    aggressive you may try using heavy duty garden gloves, but first
    work on making it very responsive to treats then attempt giving
    it a treat at the same time your trying to pick him up, the
    gloves should offer you some protection incase he finds your
    hand more appealing-:)

    Sorry but i cant help it.

    Really Ummm? I believe this post was a request for help with a
    certain situation. And whether his post was similar to someone
    else's or not, it was an attempt to help. Which is what this set
    of forums is generally about. This is'nt a grammmer school test
    or quiz, i'd say the person thats condesending to someone trying
    to help and keep with the topic, unlike you, is more suited for
    the role of an idiot.