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Re: Biting when removing from cage

Posted by Ummm on 4/29/09
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    On 4/28/09, Rich wrote:
    > first ... What type of Macaw as temperments are different?
    > Secondly he hasnt even had time to adjust properly to you or
    > new home. ive rehabilitated macaws for years biters
    > pluckers,screamers etc...Let the bird settle in, leave cage
    > open when your home, invite himm out onto floor with his fav
    > treats, etc let him get a feel for the home. lots of macaws
    > act or want you to fear them.u have to be firm and patient
    > both u can email me wiht further if youd like ? ive helped
    > alot of birdowners in proper training techniques and behavior
    > problems but what your telling em is normal for a Macaw and
    > it can be stopped.

    Is that not pretty much what Greylady already said? Only she
    can spell. Stop making posts as if you are texting. Makes you
    look like an idiot. Proper punctuation, capitalization and
    spelling lends credibility.