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Re: Scarlet Macaw Cage Agressive & bites bad

Posted by GreyLady on 6/13/09
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    I agree with everything Chet said. I have just one extra hint
    that you may find helpful. I adopted a Macaw from a very
    similar situation. He had been with one person several years
    until she died. The second person, from whom I got him, was
    obviously scared to death of him and he was using it to his
    advantage. He would reach out a foot as if to step up, then
    make a death grip lunge for hands, arms, whatever he could
    reach. Knowing I could not give in and show reaction, yet with
    a bite like that, we know that's nearly impossible. I took the
    arm from an old wet suit and used it for protection from the
    bites. I figured I'd stop when he finally came around. He has
    now settled in, (after 2 long years) but the wet suit material
    gives him such a secure perching surface, plus protects me from
    the nails, we have continued to use it. Now, when he sees me
    slip it on, he is all excited, knowing it's time to come out.
    Good luck.