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Re: 6 month old macaw baby still begs for formula

Posted by GreenLady on 10/21/09
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    On 10/20/09, Marianne wrote:
    > This baby doesn't take a interest in solid or soft foods.
    > He began picking a little at pellets and seed and apple,
    > but spends most of his day grunting and flapping his wing
    > like he wants formula. After he's fed he continues to beg.
    > I tapered him to once a day, but his weight fell. Now he
    > needs 2-3 feedings/day to keep his weight up. Any
    > suggestions?

    Macaws wean at different rates of time. It is not unusual
    for a 6 month old to want to continue hand feeding.
    You have to consider the life expectancy of this species and
    realize that in the grand scheme of things he is still an
    infant bird.
    Continue hand feeding him until he starts to refuse the food.
    In the meantime, you can offer him warm bowls of oatmeal,
    hand feeding formula, mashed beans, etc. to spark an interest
    in him learning on his own. Try mashing a banana into the
    soft foods. Soak pellets and offer them to him.
    Don't rush the weaning or you can cause this baby to have
    long-term behavioral issues throughout his life.
    Abundance weaning is the best and birds that are weaned this
    way go on to make great birds.