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Re: 6 month old macaw baby still begs for formula

Posted by GrayLady on 10/21/09
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    I agree with GreenLady, not Glenda. All birds wean at
    different times. Her suggestions about adding other soft warm
    foods in addition to the formula are great. The rule of thumb
    is to continue to offer warm "hand" feedings for as long as the
    bird begs for them. I know of many very adult birds, like in
    their 20's and beyond, who will still, on occasion, beg for a
    hand feeding. It's a comfort thing for them. It's also very
    handy if one ever needs medication. If it is used to, and
    still enjoys a hand feeding, that's a great way to get the meds
    down. You want to weigh before and after the feeding to see
    how much he is eating. If you know he is getting good helpings
    but continues to lose much weight, only then it might be time
    to have a vet check up.