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Re: Feeding a Hans McCaw

Posted by GreyLady on 1/26/10
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    It should be the seeds that are once in a while and
    everything else on a regular basis. Seeds and seed products
    like Nutriberries should not be more than around 20% of any
    parrot's diet. The fact is, he can and should, eat almost
    anything you eat. It is easier to keep up with things he
    should not have. Just a few are anything with sugar, salt,
    chocolate, caffeine. No raw white potatoes, no avocado, no
    fruit pits. Some pits may be okay but many contain cyanide
    so it's easier to just not allow any fruit pits. He needs
    lots of healthy nuts like almonds, walnuts, unsalted
    Macadamia. 2 or 3 unsalted peanuts a day are okay but be
    sure they are of excellent quality. Peanut hulls can harbor
    fungus that causes Aspergillosis. He can have cooked brown
    rice, scrambled or hard boiled eggs, plain oatmeal, squares
    of toasted whole grain bread, pastas, both cooked and raw.
    That should help you get started. Just always check out a
    food for safety before offering it the first time. If you
    will do a search of safe or toxic foods for parrots, you will
    probably find a lot more information.