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Re: Need Advice with Biting Greenwing

Posted by lisa on 8/23/11
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    On 6/21/11, k wrote:
    > On 2/01/10, Terrie wrote:
    >> I have a a 6 year old B&G and a 2 year old Greenwing. I
    >> have raised them both from babies. My Greenwing has
    >> started biting me. Nothing has changed. I have tried to
    >> be firm, but not dramatic with a firm no and pushing back
    >> on his beak. It happens when he is cuddling, quiet,
    >> playing, or just out of the blue. He fractured a bone in
    >> my wrist and I am trying not to loose my patience. My B&G
    >> is very sweet and my Greenwing use to be. What could
    >> trigger this behavior? I had his blood done at the vet,
    >> and there are no medical issues.
    > I have the same problem wth my catalina macaw....she just
    > pinches and bites like crazy out of the blue...i was googling
    > respsonses..have u had any luck

    Greewings and Catalinas tend to bite people even their owners.
    ive work with macaws for years and me and this one greenwig got
    very close she was a sweetie pie and still is but sometimes she
    will just have a mood and bite me out of the blue. sometimes
    they just dont like to be touch a certain way or something like
    that thye are just like people and have their own lil mood swings.