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Re: Screaming Macaws

Posted by GreenLady on 2/09/10
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    On 2/09/10, Renee' wrote:
    > Try whispering. A lot of birds will stop their screaming to
    > listen to what you are saying. When the screaming stops,
    > praise, praise and add on more praise. If it starts up
    > again, turn your back and walk away.

    A solution is great, but more importantly, what is the cause of
    the screaming?
    Are your birds, hungry, bored, cage-bound, etc.?
    Are they responding to screaming children? Many birds take
    their cue from their environment?
    Are they just being macaws? All birds have periods of
    vocalization and some of their sounds are offensive to the
    human ear.
    If you have several birds, they could simply be joining in
    flock "conversation" between each other.

    More details would help with a solution.