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Re: Newly Adopted Blue and Gold

Posted by GreyLady on 2/11/10
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    On 2/11/10, newyork wrote:

    > thank you so much, I have only had an experience yrs ago with an
    > african grey, so thanks alot.

    You are welcome. I also have a Grey in my flock. He is the
    light of my life. I forgot to mention something about the
    water. He may actually be drinking more than you think. But if
    you feel he really is not taking much, you might ask the previous
    owners if they used bottled water or what. If your water tastes
    different that what he is used to, that could be it. I use
    bottled (but not distilled) for mine, only because I don't trust
    the consistency of the water treatment plant as respects
    additives in our tap water. Plus they always have water that
    tastes the same.