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Re: Air filters/purifiers.

Posted by GreyLady on 3/04/10
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    On 3/03/10, Maritza wrote:
    > What is the best air filter/purifier to purchase for a bird
    > room. I have a cockatoo & greys and the room always seems to
    > be dusty.
    > Thanks
    Yep, I can sympathize. Those are some of the most
    dusty/dander parrots of all. I can't say which is "best" but
    I can tell you what I use. Mine are Honeywell and use a
    large HEPA primary filter that needs replaced about once a
    year. There is also a lesser filter that wraps around that,
    costs very little and needs replacing more often. Be sure to
    match the size of the filter properly for the square footage
    of the area. I have one in each end of a long narrow room.
    There is an additional step you can take that is very
    inexpensive and amazingly effective. Get a cheap box fan,
    about 20" by 20". Buy the cheapest same size, furnace
    filters. Everytime you turn the fan on, place a filter on
    the back side. You will be amazed at how much it will pull
    out of the air. When it's full, pitch it and replace. I use
    one during the warm months and it gets a lot of extra junk
    out of the air.