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Re: Air filters/purifiers.

Posted by Craig Rose on 3/08/10
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    On 3/04/10, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 3/03/10, Maritza wrote:
    >> What is the best air filter/purifier to purchase for a bird
    >> room. I have a cockatoo & greys and the room always seems to
    >> be dusty.
    >> Thanks
    > Yep, I can sympathize. Those are some of the most
    > dusty/dander parrots of all. I can't say which is "best"
    > I can tell you what I use. Mine are Honeywell and use a
    > large HEPA primary filter that needs replaced about once a
    > year. There is also a lesser filter that wraps around that,
    > costs very little and needs replacing more often. Be sure
    > match the size of the filter properly for the square footage
    > of the area. I have one in each end of a long narrow room.
    > There is an additional step you can take that is very
    > inexpensive and amazingly effective. Get a cheap box fan,
    > about 20" by 20". Buy the cheapest same size, furnace
    > filters. Everytime you turn the fan on, place a filter on
    > the back side. You will be amazed at how much it will pull
    > out of the air. When it's full, pitch it and replace. I
    > one during the warm months and it gets a lot of extra junk
    > out of the air.

    Grey Lady: A cool (no pun intended) idea! And so simple! And
    inexpensive -- which really appeals to Momma! Thnaks, Craig,
    Momma and Chuckles.