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Re: Air filters/purifiers.

Posted by GreyLady on 3/10/10
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    On 3/09/10, Jane wrote:
    > Just wanted to add a note about the fact that air purifiers
    > blow out cold air, so be sure not to position it in a place
    > that will allow it to blow directly on the birds. It would be
    > the equivalent of having a draft blowing on the bird.

    True but no one should let the term "purifier" confuse them. Air
    cleaner or filter is what you want. Stay away from those
    that "ionize" as that has not yet proven to be safe for anyone,
    birds especially. Just clean and filter the air. Don't try to
    treat it in any other way. I don't think straight filters or
    cleaners necessarily blow cold air. Mine blow room temp. air.
    But still it is a draft so Jane is right, you don't want it
    blowing right on a cage.