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Re: Lost Blue and Gold Macaw

Posted by marci on 6/05/10
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    On 4/07/10, John Mechetti wrote:
    > Hi,
    >> I have a close friend who lost her Blue and Gold Macaw.
    > I'm looking for her because they don't have a computer,
    > the bird has been missing since 9/25. This happened in
    > Newark, NY.
    >> The bird's name is Baby, she says Alea, Maw and Pat and
    > if you knock on the wall she'll say hello.
    >> She is banded, I was told to never give out the whole
    > band number. FX1 are the first 3 characters and the last
    > character is 0 and there are 2 characters between.
    >> John

    there has been a b&g macaw found in the area of northern,
    delaware. If you type in your search "lost blue and gold
    macaw" (google it) it will be in the top listings. Good
    luck and I feel your friends pain, I too lost my amazon 2
    yrs ago and am still searching for him. Marci