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Re: Does anyone go cage-free?

Posted by Luna on 7/05/10
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    I have macaws not greys and there is no way I can "grab a
    cage" in case of fire, they are double macaw cages. I had an
    additional room built off the first floor for my macaws. So
    much space is wasted because of cages I want to go cage free.
    Maybe with greys its good to cage them, mine like to be out of
    their cages as much as possible interacting with each other.
    No one in their right mind would allow macaws loose in their
    house 24/7.
    I will find a good macaw only board to post on.

    On 7/04/10, GreyLady wrote:
    > No, for several reasons. Mine have as much out of cage time
    > as possible. But when no one is at home or when we are
    > asleep, they are in their cages. Too many things can go
    > wrong if I'm not home and/or during the night. Granted,
    > worse case scenarios but for their safety, we have to think
    > of that. For example, if my house caught on fire, I'd want
    > me or the firemen to be able to grab a cage and get out
    > it. If the cage is too large, at least the bird is confined
    > to a small enough area I can get it toweled and out of
    > danger. In any emergency, I don't want to have to chase
    > birds all over the place, trying to save them.