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Re: Does anyone go cage-free?

Posted by GreyLady on 7/06/10
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    On 7/05/10, Luna wrote:
    > I have macaws not greys and there is no way I can "grab a
    > cage"

    I have a Macaw, of course in a huge cage. My Grey also has a
    Macaw sized cage. That's why I said that at least if they are in
    a cage, it's possible to grab them quickly and get them out of
    the house. When you said cage free, I assumed that's exactly
    what you meant. Whether they have their own room or not, they
    are still able to panic and make it much harder for you to get
    them, should the need ever arise. I'll keep my fingers crossed
    for you that it never happens with a bunch of loose birds.

    > I will find a good macaw only board to post on.

    Okay, whatever. You asked for an opinion and I seem to be the
    only one who gave you one. It is exactly that. MY OPINION. You
    can take it or leave it. Any board can give you opinions. If
    you want a board where people will only agree with you, good luck
    in that search.