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Re: Feeding a Macaw

Posted by GreyLady on 7/17/10
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    On 7/16/10, Ken NJ wrote:
    > On 7/15/10, Marty wrote:
    >> Feeding my first baby macaw from day one, can a macaw
    >> expert send me a feeding schedule and cc's amounts up to 3
    >> weeks. Thanks so much. Marty
    > Hi, I just happened to run across your post, and I just
    > wanted to mention that is is critical that your feeding
    > supplies are really clean and steralized. Macaws are very
    > prone to yeast type infections and it can be a very bad it
    > they get one. It can be a long slow death for them. Just a
    > word of advice for you. Good luck. It can be a fun thing to
    > do.
    I can't help with the schedules and temp. etc. I would think
    there is a lot of that kind of info on the web though. What I
    did want to mention is, that's not a good idea unless the baby
    is orphaned or something else forces your decision. They
    should all be feed for a while by the parents for their own
    protectio. Even if you want to supplement the feedings, they
    need the protection of the immunities they will get from their
    parents. You can't replace that part of the process.