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Re: Ojibwehoney

Posted by Ojibwehoney on 3/03/11
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    On 12/08/10, MacawOwner wrote:
    > I have a Catalina Macaw and have been saving the feathers
    > for a long time. I have tail, wing and some body
    > feathers. Unfortunately, we can't get to you by email nor
    > can we even post a direct response due to this board being
    > let go to hell in a hand basket. I won't post my email
    > addy directly on the board and clicking on yours only gets
    > me an error page. You can try clicking on mine but I don't
    > expect it will work for you either. It's a shame. This
    > board has become useless. We need to find another that
    > actually functions.
    My email is I see that this board has issues I got my
    first response today and happened to notice your post.