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Re: hyacinth macaw

Posted by karrina on 5/11/11
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    On 4/17/11, pietson Bill wrote:
    > On 4/15/11, Fred Mooney wrote:
    >> I have a traveling bird show. I go to nursing homes
    >> veterans centers, churches and schools. I have 12 large
    >> birds I have always wanted a hyacinth macaw,just to show
    >> the children of America their beauty. The problem I make
    >> almost no money at this after paying for gas and food there
    >> is very little profit if any, if you have one of these
    >> beautiful birds and can no longer keep it please consider
    >> me. I live in the country and my birds get the best of
    >> everything. Sincerely a fellow macaw lover

    I have pair of Hyacinth Macaws for sale. The pair consist of one
    male (9 yrs old) and one female (8 yrs old). They are tamed and
    very personable.They talk very fast and like to play, chat,and
    like to whistle, creating Their own tunes!!!!you will love them
    just as your own children if interested email for more an pi'cs ,and become an owner of
    these great pairs,also they will be coming along side with all
    health pepers including cages.