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Re: Hand Feeding Baby Macaw Question

Posted by GreyLady on 4/21/11
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    On 4/17/11, AJ wrote:
    > Hi does anyone have or know where I can find a weight chart
    > for a baby blue and gold macaw. I have looked everywhere
    > and can't find one. Thanks!!!!

    That's because there is no such thing. There is no such
    thing as a "normal" or "standard" weight for any bird of any
    age. Whatever is normal for your bird is all that matters.
    You find that out by first insuring that your bird is neither
    over nor under weight. A vet, a responsible breeder or an
    experienced hand feeder can help with that. All you need to
    do is weigh the baby every day and keep your own log of his
    weight. The gram scale can also help you know how much
    formula the baby is taking each feeding. Weigh before and
    right after feeding. Bottom line, what your bird should
    weigh, at any age, has nothing to do with what other birds of
    the same species will weigh. i.e. I have 5 Cockatiels who
    vary in weight from 75 grams up to 105 grams. Yet all are at
    a healthy weight for their frame. Just keep your log and be
    on the alert for any sudden change of more than 10% in either
    direction. One exception will be when the baby is near
    fledging. It is normal for them to drop some "baby weight"
    at that time. But again, a good Avian vet is your best guide.