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Post: Feather Plucking

Posted by Nena on 6/01/11

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    Hello everyone
    My B&G macaw is 12 years old. Over the past year or so
    she plucked some on her upper chest, inner legs and under
    her wings. Daily she has pellets, fruits and veggies and
    has various toys in her cage and I change them out once a

    I need to give you a bit of history about her. My husband
    and I purchased her from a bird store when she was about 2
    years. Before that, we were told, she was in a household
    where the husband was the "owner" but was out of town
    frequently. The couple's toddler supposedly banged on her
    cage with his toys, thus she is very jealous of small
    children. She's very social but loves to intimidate by
    showing her wings.

    Changes in our household in the last 2 years have been we
    now have a grandson, he's 2 now and my husband has retired
    so he's home all day. She's insanely jealous of the
    grandson and will come down from her cage and come after
    him so I have to keep her in the cage when he's there. As
    soon as he leaves, I let her out and spend time with her.
    I am pretty much the only one that can pick her up. She's
    high strung and pretty demanding. When I tell her no for
    something she will lunge to bite. So safe to say she's a
    bit aggressive.

    We also have an African Grey that we got about 2 years
    before the B&G. If she gets out when the grandson is
    there, she will get on the greys cage knowing I will have
    to come get her, thus getting my attention.

    Now she has very very few feathers on her chest and none
    under her wings. She is due for a wing trim and plan to
    take her this week end. Any suggestions would be greatly

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