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Posted by Nadine on 6/18/11

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    I was recently scammed by Suzie Bourdouvales she was to
    sell me a blue & gold Macaw baby and never showed up with
    the bird.
    I just found out she is out on bail as someone sent me
    this info: Police are trying to determine the extent of an
    alleged extortion operation undertaken by a city woman who
    is believed to have posed as a U.S. immigration officer
    for nearly a year, officials said Wednesday.
    Detectives were investigating Suzie M. Bourdouvales Jr.,
    28, in connection with alleged theft from a city
    contracting firm when they uncovered the alleged
    extortion, Capt. Anthony Celentano said.
    Authorities believe that from March 2008 to January 2009,
    while posing as a U.S. Immigration officer, Bourdouvales
    would unlawfully detain victims, threaten to deport them
    and collect "fines" in lieu of doing so, Celentano said.
    Bourdouvales was arrested Feb. 20 and is free on bond,
    Celentano said. Bail had been set at $100,000.

    She faces charges including second-degree theft, third-
    degree forgery, third-degree criminal coercion and fourth-
    degree impersonating a public servant, according to
    Celentano. The first charge stems from Bourdouvales
    allegedly stealing more than $75,000 from the contracting
    please help stop this woman from any further scams
    Suzie works in a store called "for the birds" in Turner
    New Jersey
    please email me if you have had any run ins with Suzie

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