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Re: Need to Find him a home

Posted by Verdell on 10/09/11
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    On 7/18/11, angel wrote:
    > On 6/28/11, Gina wrote:
    >> Just curious how she is doing now. We have a Scarlet Macaw
    and a Quaker that were both rehomed. The Macaw was about four
    and the Quaker about two, that was eight years ago. They both
    took some time getting used to us, but the Quaker had a
    similar story. Loved us both at the pet store, got her home
    and three days later, Dr. Jekyal and Mrs. Hyde. Still was o-
    kay with me but my roommate she starting biting feriously. I
    took them to an Avian Vet for a phyiscal and he gave me some
    behavior mod information. It was great, she is now a
    sweetheart and they are inseperable. We wouldn't get rid of
    either of them for anything. Point is, patience, let her know
    you care and don't let her intimadate you. No longer have
    children at home so not sure what to say about that either
    than be careful till you trust her. Hope all is well.