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Re: looking to adopt a blue and gold

Posted by neil linda on 11/28/11
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    On 10/09/11, Verdell wrote:
    > On 7/18/11, angel wrote:
    >> On 6/28/11, Gina wrote:
    >>> Just curious how she is doing now. We have a Scarlet Macaw
    > and a Quaker that were both rehomed. The Macaw was about four
    > and the Quaker about two, that was eight years ago. They both
    > took some time getting used to us, but the Quaker had a
    > similar story. Loved us both at the pet store, got her home
    > and three days later, Dr. Jekyal and Mrs. Hyde. Still was o-
    > kay with me but my roommate she starting biting feriously. I
    > took them to an Avian Vet for a phyiscal and he gave me some
    > behavior mod information. It was great, she is now a
    > sweetheart and they are inseperable. We wouldn't get rid of
    > either of them for anything. Point is, patience, let her know
    > you care and don't let her intimadate you. No longer have
    > children at home so not sure what to say about that either
    > than be careful till you trust her. Hope all is well.