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Re: Need to Find him a home

Posted by angel on 7/18/11
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    On 6/28/11, Gina wrote:
    > I recently bought a Blue and Gold Macaw. I am his Third
    > Owner. His first one gave him to the guy who was sitting
    > him sometimes due to her getting married and having kids.
    > Well, my hubsand went to look at him and said that he was
    > beautiful and that he held him and he was getting him for
    > me. Well when we went to get this bird he let me hold him
    > and all with really no problems. Then after a few days and
    > watching him it doesn't like my 7 month old or me. It
    > screams everytime I walk going into the room with my 7
    > month old. I guess he doesn't like women or small kids. I
    > really don't know what to do. I really wanted this bird
    > but the guy told me it wasn't really used to small kids
    > but I wanted to get it and hope it would get used to them.
    > Well it really doesn't have a problem with any of my other
    > kids just my little one. What should I do. I have 600 in
    > this bird. He likes my husband but I am the one at home
    > with it and the one who feeds it but he acts totally
    > different with me.
    We would like to know do you still the blue and gold and if
    so how much are you asking for it him or her and what state
    are you in thanks angel