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Re: Parrots

Posted by Ani Doniguian on 8/04/11
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    On 8/03/11, larry wrote:
    > Hello. I have a Blue and Gold Macaw that I would like to
    > find a good home for. I am moving out of the state for work
    > on very short notice and am unable to take my bird with me.
    > This bird is about a year and a half old and has very
    > beautiful colors. She is learning how to talk and is a very
    > nice pet. She comes with a cage and all kinds of little
    > that I've bought for her in the short period of time that
    > I've had her. The price that im giving will be on an OBO
    > basis so please call and make me an offer. Thank you for
    > taking the time check her out.

    Hello. I'm interested in purchasing a Macaw. I reside in New
    York City. So if you can tell me where you live and how much
    she is, I'd gladly take her. Thanks, Ani

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