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Re: 2 B&G Macaws for sale

Posted by Lori on 11/30/11
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    These B&G Macaws have never been set up to breed. I bought with
    intention to breed but life changes have forced us to sell. They
    are hand tame and handled daily by myself and husband. They are
    bonded and do not like being out of each others sight. Email
    directly any other questions.

    On 11/28/11, Emily wrote:
    > On 11/28/11, Emily wrote:
    >> On 11/28/11, lori wrote:
    >>> 6 & 9 yr old B&G macaws, healthy hand tame closed banded
    >>> need to sell. 1400.00 cash with travel carrier will not
    >>> ship! 22407 zip code
    > where exactly r u located and how friendly r they do u get them
    out or
    > hold them! my mother has one and i was wantin one for myself! I
    > to breed with hers but r they a male and female is that what you
    > them for! will you take 1,000.00 for them!

    B&G Macaws