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Re: 2 B&G Macaws for sale

Posted by patrick corrigan on 12/13/11
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    I have been a photographer with several species of Parrots (blue &
    golds, greenwings, mollucans, umbrellas, citrons, lesser, eclectuses
    and African greys) for many years. I live with parrots only 24/7
    they will have a wonderful life because I will make them “Stars!”.
    Currently I am shopping for a new troupe( 4-6) young and trainable
    or adult already trained. I will be ready to take possession by
    March or April. I can be reached at Ph: 509-378-2874 or
    birdbrain49@I can be reached at Ph: 509-378-2874 or

    On 12/10/11, Lori wrote:
    > 1400 is with Kings Cage
    > 900.00 is pick up price for both with travel crate from zip code
    > 22407 will not ship!
    > On 11/28/11, Emily wrote:
    >> On 11/28/11, Emily wrote:
    >>> On 11/28/11, lori wrote:
    >>>> 6 & 9 yr old B&G macaws, healthy hand tame closed banded
    >>>> need to sell. 1400.00 cash with travel carrier will not
    >>>> ship! 22407 zip code
    >> where exactly r u located and how friendly r they do u get them
    > out or
    >> hold them! my mother has one and i was wantin one for myself! I
    > wanted
    >> to breed with hers but r they a male and female is that what you
    > have
    >> them for! will you take 1,000.00 for them!