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Post: DNA'd female Scarlet Macaw

Posted by lamell on 12/26/11

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    Rowan is my DNA'd female Scarlet Macaw. She was born in
    June of 2007. She is a tiny little beauty, with a
    super-wide yellow band of feathers, and the sweetest,
    gentlest personality of any of the macaws who reside here.
    Her "boyfriend" is Bowie. The day she first laid eyes on
    him, she said "Ahhhhhhh!", and claimed him as her own. He
    is totally in her thrall, and she knows it. You know how
    beautiful girls are--they always know their power over the
    boys :-). Rowan is kind to everyone, but she loves her Mama
    the best, and is happiest hanging onto my shoulder, sticking
    her terribly curious little beak into everything she sees.
    If she was a monkey, she would be Curious George--always
    into things, causing trouble, and charming the socks off of
    everyone. As it is, she's her Mama's little darling, and
    can do no wrong. She has a sweet speaking voice, a
    Dog-awful yelling voice, is the best flier in the house (I
    call her "My Little Fighter Pilot"), and, like every other
    Scarlet Macaw I've ever met, she fears nothing. She makes
    me want to bring more little girls into our house, just to
    see if they're ALL as wonderful as she is. You can see

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