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Re: Sweet Blue and Gold Macaw for sale

Posted by sarah on 1/24/12
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    On 1/17/12, helpful wrote:
    > On 1/17/12, Sarah wrote:
    >> On 1/16/12, Sheenah wrote:
    >>> Have a 5 yr old female B & G, and am starting a new job
    >>> that requires a lot of travel. If you would like to see
    >>> photos or video please contact me and I will send both!
    >>> Sheenah
    >> Where are you located? I am in Pgh pa and I am interested
    > Sarah, I'm in Pgh also and Craigslist almost always has a blue
    > gold for placement.
    email me your number so I can call u re the female B&G I have
    a pet male that I think would like the company he is 16 years
    old now and is our pet.she would be well cared for here please
    email me photos and video if you can.thanks Sarah