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Re: female green wing macaw

Posted by GreyLady on 2/01/12
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    On 1/25/12, Jaye wrote:
    > looking to adopt or purchase for a reasonable price and
    > female greenwing macaw my male is 15 years old and a big
    > sweet heart and I am looking to find him a playmate I do
    > not want to breed all I want is to giving a loving home to
    > another greenwing i have 34 years of handeling them from
    > wild caught to hand fed as well as hand feedin them Like I
    > said I am not looking to breed I am just looking foe a
    > play mate for my boy.thank you for your time and I hope to
    > hear from someone soon have a great day ya all!

    If you are truly not looking to breed, then I suggest you
    find a male. However, for someone claiming 34 years
    experience, you have made some pretty amature statements.