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Re: Golden Macaws

Posted by Feathers on 2/14/12
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    On 2/14/12, FEATHERS wrote:Ps Please also note I am 100 percent
    against breeding any birds as there are to many who need homes
    in rescues and I am not promoting these birds I do not even know
    the man selling them I was just curious about the new breed
    thanks much and have a great day everyone and your bird
    buddies :)
    > On 2/14/12, ozm2012 wrote:
    >> On 2/02/12, feathers wrote:
    >>> Hi does anyone know about the new golden macaws that have
    >>> not been released to the public yet? A friend of mine sent
    >>> me a picture of them does anyone know where you would be
    >>> able to buy one and have any idea of the price just
    >>> curious the macaw is all bright yellow with light blue
    >>> eyes amazing!!!
    >>> thank you :>
    >> i read that there were only 2 and they sold at auction for
    >> 75,000
    > HI Happy Valentines Day bird lovers!! :>
    > I am sorry for not updating this about the golden macaws. They
    > will be shown first time to public in Texas in Aug. I also
    > have the name of the man who has the golden macaws. In the ten
    > years he has had them he now has 26 of them but he does not
    > know how much he will be asking for them. Thanks much :)