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Re: Wanting to purchase a blue and gold macaw

Posted by rock dian on 3/09/12
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    On 2/12/12, Lori wrote:
    > I recently lost my roommate to had a macaw name harley.
    > They were here a year and then moved to texas. I missed
    > hearing harley talking at nightime. I also have a min pin
    > which enjoyed harley during the day while I was gone to
    > worked. Looking to fine one close by. I'm located in
    > Louisana just hard to fine one. I have talked to a couple
    > of people in other states but just didnt trust them enough
    > to go with the deal. So if you are far away don't respond
    > I'm in shreveport, LA.
    i recently own a female and male blue and gold macaw psrrots
    ready now for adoption can u contact me for more details