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Re: Free pair of blue and gold macaws

Posted by Not a good idea on 2/26/12
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    On 2/25/12, Really Now wrote:
    > On 2/25/12, Not a good idea wrote:
    >> On 2/24/12, grace wrote:
    >>> Free pair of blue and gold macaws for a good home for give
    >>> away to any family / person that can take care of them. The
    >>> pair consist of one male and one female. They are tamed and
    >>> very personable.before contacting me make sure you will love
    >>> them just like your own children.these pair are going for
    >>> free, i just need a loving home for the birds. if interested
    >>> the get back to us( for more
    >>> information an pictures also they will be coming along side
    >>> with all health papers including cages.
    >> There is no such thing as a free bird, we all know it. If
    >> you care as much as you seem to about these birds, you should
    >> not offer them for free, especially on the internet. You
    >> have no idea what kind of people may try to get their hands
    >> on them. Please, for the sake of your birds, rethink this
    >> free offer. The only time this might be okay is when you
    >> know the new owners personally, have known them for awhile,
    >> know they are parrot savy and are responsible.
    > You seriously think this ad is real??? Boy do I have a deal for
    > you.......

    And it's your business because...............? if I choose to
    respond just in case?