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Posted by Pete on 3/14/12
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    On 3/14/12, GreyLady wrote:
    > On 3/13/12, Pete wrote:
    >> I have had Congo African Grey Parrots and a Sun Conure
    >> for years with very few problems concerning smells. I got
    >> a young B+G Macaw about six months ago and it seems to
    >> give off a smell from both his body and droppings. I give
    >> all of my Parrots a deep soaking shower in the tub twice a
    >> week, but the Macaw still gives off the smells. Does
    >> anyone know what I can do to get rid of the smells? THANKS
    > Did you have the bird vetted? If it has not seen a vet, I'd
    > suggest, at the very least, have the vet test the
    > There are too many possibilities for anyone to make a guess
    > but assuming it's a strong and/or disagreeable odor, it
    > to be checked out right away.

    Pedro was checked by a Vet about 5 mos ago and found to be
    in good health. the odors came into play since then. I was
    asking about something that might clear up the odor problem
    and a local source told me that Yogurt can help in some
    species? I am going to get some yogurt, both Greek and regular
    today and see if it helps? Any other ideas?