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Posted by GrayLady on 3/20/12
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    On 3/14/12, Pete wrote:

    > Pedro was checked by a Vet about 5 mos ago and found to be
    > in good health. the odors came into play since then. I was
    > asking about something that might clear up the odor problem
    > and a local source told me that Yogurt can help in some
    > species? I am going to get some yogurt, both Greek and regular
    > today and see if it helps? Any other ideas?

    I have not heard that about yogurt but assuming you were told to
    feed it to him and not try to clean him with it, (dopey I know
    but you never know what kind of advice some will give) it won't
    hurt if he will eat some. In fact if you make sure you get the
    active enzyme type, it will be good for his intestinal tract.
    Tell me about his diet and how often does he bathe? Does he get
    a good soaking to the skin bath?